Sometimes macbook users feel disappointed because almost all the applications in the AppStore are paid or subscribed so they can use the desired application. Like my experience where I had to subscribe to the Navicat application by paying more than 1 million per month so I could use the tool I really needed. After several methods that I did, I finally found a way to bypass the Navicat trial where previously I had used the trial version but had reached the trial time that had been determined for 2 weeks. Here are the steps you have to take to bypass the Navicat trial version.

  • Download navicat veri 16.x.x or 15.x.x from an unofficial source ( do not download navicat from appstore )
  • Install the application as usual
  • Copy and paste the following script then save it with the file name
set -e
file=$(defaults read /Applications/Navicat\
regex="CFBundleShortVersionString = \"([^\.]+)"
[[ $file =~ $regex ]]
echo "Detected Navicat Premium version $version"
case $version in
        echo "Version '$version' not handled"
        exit 1
echo -n "Reseting trial time..."
regex="([0-9A-Z]{32}) = "
[[ $(defaults read $file) =~ $regex ]]
if [ ! -z $hash ]; then
    defaults delete $file $hash
[[ $(ls -a ~/Library/Application\ Support/PremiumSoft\ CyberTech/Navicat\ CC/Navicat\ Premium/ | grep '^\.') =~ $regex ]]
if [ ! -z $hash2 ]; then
    rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/PremiumSoft\ CyberTech/Navicat\ CC/Navicat\ Premium/.$hash2
echo " Done"
  • Then open a terminal in the saved folder and run the command : `sh`
  • Then open the navicat application and click trial.